That’s it, it’s over, all done – another school year has wrapped, and no matter how you feel about it, summer is upon us.

I’ve always wished that I could be a person who looked forward to the carefree days of summer and had a laissez-fare attitude toward the whole thing. When I was a kid I was always kinda sad when the school year ended. Next year would never be the same… In university, I would write a huge list of what I was going to accomplish over the summer- go back and read all the books from my electives that I thought were interesting, but only skimmed when I had to get my core work done (I never re-read one btw). And now I start to get anxious weeks before the last day, needlessly worrying how I’m going to work effectively with the rotating schedules of camps and children home.

This is where I segway to my point… the effectiveness of a good home office is the key to the focus and productivity needed to get the work done when summer work hours may be shorter and it seems the whole city is on holiday. Whether you work solely from home, do so a few days a week working remotely from the office, or just need a place to escape to from the endless feeding of little people to pay some bills, a well-designed home office can be your partner to “getting it done” when the noise level around you is consistently louder and the sunshine is calling too.

I wrote a blog post for one of the entrepreneur group I’m a member of, the fantastic Toronto Mama’s & Co, all about creating the optimal home office that you need to do your best work, no matter what the time of year. Check it out here.

Then you can guiltlessly knock off a little early and enjoy that cocktail 😉

Have a great long weekend! And let me know how you and your family are going to enjoy your home this summer, I’d love to hear from you!