Phase 1: Research, Design + Presentation

This is where the fun starts! I believe that good, thoughtful design is a collaborative process between designer and client. I know the right questions to ask to build on the initial consultation and really understand your goals, ideas and design style.

What to expect

This stage usually lasts several weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

  • First, we come up with the concept and design direction for your space. We’ll collaborate on Pinterest and start sharing inspiration and ideas.This helps me to further get to know your taste and style and identify the common threads of what you’re drawn to. I welcome your feedback along the way to hone in on what you love. I’ll provide you with access to Mydoma, a design project management tool. This is where everything relating to your project will be available and easily accessible.
  • From there, I’ll start populating your Mydoma project section with my inspiration ideas for your space. I’ll perform research and sourcing to provide loads of juicy options for you to imagine in your home. I’ll ask you to provide some feedback on what I have started selecting for you. This can be a quick ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ or as detailed as you’d like. During this phase, you can expect plenty of communication with me as I work to capture your style and preferences.
  • Based on your feedback, I’ll create your plan, which includes the product, colour, paint, and finishes selections as well as space plans, renderings, and a concept board to help you visualize your new space. I’ll provide you with quotes from the trades executing the work, a complete cost sheet and budget breakdown for all items to be purchased and work to be performed.
  • Once you’ve soaked up every detail of your design plan, I’ll fine-tune it based on your feedback until it feels perfect.

Once your plan is final, we’ll move into Phase 2: Project Oversight & Installation and you can leave it all to me.