Interior Design Package (Phase One)

This package includes a complete design for one room, based on your goals, budget, and taste. It includes recommendations for everything from paint colour to furniture selection and placement, to lighting and decorative items – and can incorporate as many existing pieces as you wish. Bulk pricing applies if you’d like to tackle multiple spaces at once.

You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire which will help me get a really good feel for you, your style, how you live, and the dreams and goals you have for your space. From there, I’ll do my research, gather some inspiration, and share several options with you for you to ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. We’ll hone in on your style, tastes and preferences that way and I’ll fine-tune every detail until they’re 100% perfect.

Your completed plan will include:

  • A mood board for your/each room of all the new items
  • A presentation board (which is essentially a visual ‘map’ of all of the elements so you can visualize everything together)
  • A space/furniture plan so you know exactly where everything will fit

  • A list of DIY projects and re-purposing suggestions (if desired and/or the budget dictates)
  • Colour, paint and material selections
  • A detailed shopping list for everything you need to buy, including pricing and exactly where to shop
  • A task list and action plan so you know exactly how to bring your plan to life
  • Note* 3d renderings available upon request with an additional fee

Investment: Because the cost of this package varies so much based on scope and scale, I will provide you with a custom quote for your room(s) at your design consultation. Packages begin at $2925 for a single room, with a discount available for multiple rooms.


Once your plan is final, you can bring it to life yourself (shop, paint, set-up, etc.)  or add on my Design Implementation Package (see below) and leave it all to me.

Design Implementation Package (Phase Two)

If you’d like me to handle the implementation of your design – which includes everything from procurement of your sourced items to hanging artwork to the final pillow fluff – I would be delighted to handle that for you.

When I implement your design, you receive:

  • The arrangement of all the shipping, delivery and installation of your sourced items
  • Handling of any deficiencies (and trust me, there always are some!)
  • Access to my designer discounts
  • Final set up and styling (which is often where the magic happens!)
  • Additional design notes and ‘next stage’ plans, if relevant
  • A fully ‘done for you’ experience so you don’t have to worry about a thing and can be certain everything will come together perfectly

Note: this package is exclusively available to clients who have purchased an interior design package.

Investment: Implementation costs vary widely and depend on your design. If you’re interested in this option – or think you might be – I would be happy to price it out and present a budget for you based on your project, after we have completed the design phase of your project.

For more information about my process and exactly what you can expect at every step of the design and implementation process, click here to download my 12-step-process. For answers to some frequently asked questions, click here. If you’re wondering about anything else – or would like to book an design consultation – I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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