I’m an East Yorker. I love it over here so much I’ve bought two houses here. My starter on Strathmore Blvd (you really do get used to the subway) and my now forever-until-we-cash-in-and move-to-the country-to-start-our-own-artisanial-gin-company home. You’re probably going to see a lot of east end love shouting out in this blog ‘casue that’s how this hood is on the gentrification jugger knot. People who live here love it and we tell everyone we meet.

We support our local business cause we love what they sell and we want them to do well.

and so so so many more…….

We check out all the local events:

  • The farmer’s market (Thursdays 2-7pm)
  • The Arts Fair (Sept 17th -19th)
  • the Pumpkin Walk (Nov 1st)
  • the Tree Lighting Festival in December
  • and we join the Danforth East Community Association (DECA) who make all these things happen and volunteer our time
  • And the BIA musicfest is about to kick off for Wednesdays in July

But, but! We also like to show our civic pride. Hang it in our houses. Check out these local maps from:

Marlena Zuber

(you’ll see this one on my contact page. Thanks Marlena!)


And Carto Creative


And we wear it on, well, ourselves.

Beast of York

Anyway, I could go on and on… and I will. But that’s enough for now.

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