If you are like most people, the thought of updating your space can be daunting. It can be a lot of work too. Sorting, organizing, the just plain doing. So baby steps baby. When you choose your entrance to start with, you will find everything gets better. That “landing strip” you may have heard about sets you up to come home smoothly even if you’ve got take out in one hand, kids’ back packs in the other, and are being be-raided with a million questions all at the same time. In the chaos you will know where to set the mail, put your keys. The kids will be clear where the coats and shoes go (“The rocks stay outside please Poppy” for the hundredth time.) On the way out in the morning – cell phone, keys, umbrella – “Everybody out. Let’s roll.”

But not only you will feel better coming and going, your guests will appreciate it too. It’s the first impression. They will feel so much more welcome when they can figure out where to stand instead of tripping over all the shoes and bags scattered every where. Even better to start off a visit with a compliment on how nice your entrance is.

We’re told we’re busy, tired, stressed, overwhelmed. Let’s fix it. Improve it. One room at a time. Create the calm. Why not start at the beginning?

Here are some more ideas:


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What was the #1 improvement you made to your entrance? Did it make you happier or am I just blowing smoke up everyone’s bums?