Why aren’t you rocking this design idea?

You’re not boring. Why is your ceiling? I don’t mean every ceiling in the house. But really, If you’re not making a statement up there in at least one room, you’re leaving the “wow” on the table.

Here are 14 ways to step up your design game by stepping up the Up.

  1. Gold baby gold

    A little gilding, or a lot if you choose a large room, will add that warm, rich glow to your space. Remember in Pulp Fiction when that suitcase is opened – that’s the look you’ll get when your visitors see your gold ceiling. And btw, it doesn’t have to be “super gold”. A gold wash over white, a gold sheen, might just be enough to punch up your space.

  2. Super gloss

    Ok, maybe gold is too much for you. But gloss, so stylie. And reflects all that lovely light around your room to boot.

  3. Starry night

    Don’t think old school glow-in-the-dark stick on stars. This is a great update to any dreamy room.

  4. Box beam

    Adding beams adds soooo much character to any room.

  5. Patterned panels

    An easy upgrade that is very DIYable

  6. Metal

    Or metal like- Metal can make the room more industrial or elegant depending on what materials you choose to use.

  7. “Divergent”

    How cool would this be?!

  8. Please paint it black!

    Drama baby. Dark ceilings can really make a space feel cozy, framing what’s happening below. And I’m really in the mood to paint everything black. With a healthy dose of white around for contrast ‘course.

  9. Store some shit

    Let’s be practical. This is a great way to store and display all that cool gear.

  10. Have fun already- Pom pom cluster

    I heart this so much. Kid’s room, nursery, play room, dressing space. Just lovely.

  11. Be witty

    Helicopter fan. Very clever. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Stripes

    I remember the first time I saw this image, I wanted to do it so much. I think it makes the ceilings soar and adds so much style and imagination without extra clutter in the room.

  13. Wrap it down while you’re at it

    Now this really makes the ceilings look taller by bringing the eye up.

  14. Paper it

    Oh come on! How can you not? Gorge.

Which ever way you go when you step up to add the “fifth wall” to your space, the bold statement of it really brings the room together and says “I’ve got this”. Mic drop.

Got you inspired? I have lots of ideas to add the Wow with your ceiling. You can contact me at melissa@mrsdarlings.ca to book a visit.

You can also check out see my ceilings Pinterest board for more inspiration:

Love it? Done it? Let me know in the comments section below.

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