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Testimonial 8

Your flexible approach, your candour and your ability to push me outside of my comfort zone (prompted me to hire you). I think you are a talented gem.

Carolyn R. October 4, 2017

Testimonial 6

My biggest fear was cost overruns. You have great ideas and stellar taste, I worried they would bankrupt us. But, in fact, they did not. You stuck close to your budget, and we were thrilled by the result and the price. The other thing I didn’t want to do was run around and buy things myself. I don’t have the time or interest. I was super happy Melissa that you did that for us.

I also love your DIY projects, particularly in our kids room. You repurposed old lamps and tables, and made them funky and new — which saved us money along the way.

Catherine P. February 23, 2017

Testimonial 7

Melissa was great to work with. I wanted two very designs for two very different girls and she listened and knew exactly what I was looking for. She gave us some great ideas and the whole family is very happy with the results. When we are ready to go ahead and design the other parts of our house we will definitely use Melissa again.

Jean B. December 15, 2016

Testimonial 3

I was worried that I would be pressured into a look that was “pretty” but not practical or comfortable for everyday living with young kids. Melissa managed to achieve it all. By taking the time to really understand our needs, She created organized, stylish spaces that look amazing AND work for everyday life.

My kids love their new rooms! They take great pride in keeping them neat and inviting their friends in. I love that the rooms manage to reflect their individual personalities while also tying in nicely with the rest of the house.

I would happily recommend Melissa (and have!) to anyone looking to make the most of their space. She makes a real effort to understand how the space will be used, keeps you as involved as you want to be, and of course has an amazing sense of style.

Anita S. May 18, 2016

Testimonial 1

[I was worried] That we’d be on a different page and Melissa might direct me to implement changes that didn’t gel with my design preferences or budget. This did not happen—Melissa is a great listener and came up with solutions that were creative, in line with our tastes and suited to our budget.

Melissa is really easy to talk to and offers solutions that can be implemented right away, as well as a complement of ideas that can be brought in over the long term as time and budget allows. She helped me firm up a direction for my kids’ rooms that suited their individual personalities and made their design feel a lot less overwhelming. Her ideas are flexible and manageable for someone like me, who needs to budget her time and money carefully.

Heather C. May 18, 2015

Uniquely beautiful + perfectly practical interior design for modern life

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