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(Not so new) redesign

Not so new because like most working artists I’m terrible at making the time to update examples of my work, so this redesign was done last fall (my bad). I’m also terrible at blogging at regular intervals (my badder). Something I’m not terrible at? Design awesome, functional, filled with (your) personality rooms. Here’s an example of that (which also happens to check off the for mentioned to-dos that keep me up at night).

I hear it a lot , “We moved in, did what needed to be taken care of, had a couple of kids….. years later we realized we never got around to decorating. This place is not us.” Karen and Jeremy wanted their place to reflect them. Right? Who doesn’t, but most of us rarely get to it. They have lived in there home for the better part of a decade with their two young daughters and cat Gatsby. They wanted to get to inspire and transform the main floor to start, so we tackled the three main areas of this typical East York semi- entry, living room and dinning room.


Your entrance is always a good place to start

If you are like most people, the thought of updating your space can be daunting. It can be a lot of work too. Sorting, organizing, the just plain doing. So baby steps baby. When you choose your entrance to start with, you will find everything gets better. That “landing strip” you may have heard about sets you up to come home smoothly even if you’ve got take out in one hand, kids’ back packs in the other, and are being be-raided with a million questions all at the same time. In the chaos you will know where to set the mail, put your keys. The kids will be clear where the coats and shoes go (“The rocks stay outside please Poppy” for the hundredth time.) On the way out in the morning – cell phone, keys, umbrella – “Everybody out. Let’s roll.”


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